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Tioga County women's suffrage committee



Martha Sauerbrey, Chair, TC Legislature 

Emma Sedore, Historian, Tioga County 

Christina Knickerbocker, Owner, Old Souls Home 

Rebecca Maffei, Director, TC Tourism 

Christina Di Stefano, Director, TC Arts Council 

Abbey Hendrickson, Community Development Specialist, TC Economic Development & Planning 

Julie Lovelass, Owner, The Belva Lockwood Inn and The Owego Kitchen 

Loreen Maley, Assistant Director, TC Tourism 

Scott MacDonald, Director, TC Historical Society 

Christine Hafer, Professor, Ithaca College 



The Tioga Women’s Suffrage Committee formed in 2017 to celebrate the 100th of women gaining the right to vote in New York State. You can learn about our efforts in that year here. The committee kept in touch over the next two years planning for an even larger celebration in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote at the federal level. The committee, in partnership with the Tioga County Historical Society was approved for a grant from the New York State Women’s Suffrage Commission for monthly activities from March until December. Just as events and activities were about to take place, the coronavirus pandemic caused the shutdown and quarantining of New York State. It became apparent that we would not be able to continue as planned. In July as the state had begun to open up, the committee regrouped and decided to focus on the month of August, the month the actual ratification vote was held and the 19th Amendment signed. You can find a summary of our activities on the home page.  


We would like to thank all of the members of the business community and residents who have embraced this anniversary and helped us educate and celebrate on this important anniversary.  

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