In March of 2020, the Tioga County Legislature issued a Proclamation acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote in the Untied States. The Proclamation was presented to members of the Tioga County Women's Suffrage Committee, Julie Lovelass (left) and Christina Knickerbocker (right) by Legislative Chair, Martha Sauerbrey (center), who is also a committee member.  


Tioga County also created a display for the day of the Proclamation that included a historic mural featuring lawyers from Tioga County that includes Belva Lockwood, who ran a female seminary in Owego and went on to become the first female lawyer to argue in front of the United States Supreme Court and was also the first woman to run for the United States Presidency twice (1884 - 1888). The Proclamation was also displayed along with information on the Women's Suffrage Movement.